How to book a Mykonos villa

Mykonos receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each summer. Each and every one of them is looking to spend the vacation of a lifetime, which is why a lot of visitors to this lovely island prefer to stay in luxurious villas rather than standard hotel rooms. Mykonos is the favorite place of many Greek and international celebrities, which means that it is full of luxurious villas that anyone can rent while they stay on the island. To put in other words, you don’t have to be rich and famous in order to stay in a villa, you just need to be able to afford it, which is not that hard if you rent the place with your friends and you split the cost.

A lot of people are interested in renting a Mykonos villa in order to make their time on the island as memorable as possible, but they seem to hesitate because they simply don’t know how to do it. They just assume that villas are for celebrities only or that one has to be well connected in order to be able to stay in a villa. The truth however couldn’t be more different. You will be surprised with how easy it is to book Mykonos villas for your holiday. Just keep on reading this guide and you will find out.

The internet is your friend

It goes without saying that the internet is the best tool when it comes to booking a villa on Mykonos or any other place for that matter. Before you start with your search, you should know that it’s best to stay away from hotel booking and short term rental sites like Booking and Air BnB. Renting a villa is not the same as booking a hotel room or an Air BnB. You should just search for something like “rent a villa on Mykonos” and click on sites that belong to property management agencies. Those agencies will basically rent the villa to you. For all intents and purposes, they will be the other party in this transaction.

Browse and ask for details

Once you have found some agencies, the next thing that you need to do is check their sites to see what they have to offer. At this point, it would be good to have a general idea of how many people will be staying at the property and how much each is willing to spend. Once you find a few properties that seem suitable and available (they don’t all have to be listed with the same agency), ask for more details about each of them. You should focus on the villa’s hosting capacity and the cost i.e. what’s included in the daily rate.

Compare and contrast

Once you have all the details about the villas for rent in Mykonos that caught your eye, it’s time to compare them in order to make your final decision. It goes without saying that you should pick the one that will offer better features for the amount of money that you and your friends have set as your spending limit. Other factors affecting your final choice should be location (the closest to a major town or village, the better) and special perks such as VIP transport from the airport to the villa.

Before you pay ensure that you and the agency are clear about the deal.

Before you actually pay the agency that will rent you the villa, you need to e-mail them once again. In this mail you should state the amount of money that you have agreed to and the features that are included in the price. This way you will make sure that you both see eye to eye when it comes to the deal and you will also have evidence in case the agency tries to offer you something other than what you agreed on.

Is Mykonos truly expensive or is it just a myth?

Mykonos: Expensive, or how expensive?


Is Mykonos expensive? Or, in other words, how expensive is Mykonos? These are two distinct questions, the answer of which depends on the person we are expecting to respond. That is more than self evident for an island which came across an immense economic boost during the period from 1992 to 2009, especially in real estate, and in the hospitality industry. In more detail, from 1992 had begun a massive construction frenzy of villas, luxury hospitals and resorts, while gradually, up until 2009 Mykonos became famous for its world class accommodation services, its fine dining options, its entertainment industry, like the world acclaimed beach bars and nightclubs, and its luxury boutique shops. All these factors classify Mykonos as a top cosmopolitan island worldwide that offers the ideal destination for your dream holidays. For the ultimate holiday experience book one of the best villas for rent in island Mykonos. Keep in mind that if you consider Mykonos luxury villas it will obviously be more expensive than normal rooms or hotels but it is definitely well worth it, because the experience is incredible.

The major economic crisis that started to become particularly evident in the Greek economy in 2010 erupted Mykonos’ hectic economic booming; nevertheless, the impressive increase in the number of arrivals in the island from 2012 onwards, along with the refreshed revenues that this process generated, restored and furthered the rapid economic expansion of Mykonos.

The paradox

Needless to say, that in 2012 Greece was experiencing the peak of its deep economic recession, and at the same time the Cycladic island of Mykonos was getting all the more a parallel economic universe, as its growth rates became both impressive, and unstoppable. Thus, more or less Mykonos became soon a state within the Greek state, by tolerating an entirely opposite economic reality, whereas Greece was in a free economic and political dive.

Explaining the paradox

The aforementioned paradox basically constitutes a textbook case of the application of supply and demand within a system of market economies. So far so good, but how did something like that happened? The explanation is but a simple one; however, a rather important element is that Greece with the threat of its economic default became the center of attention of both the international media, and the social media. From 2010 the international community talked about the situation in Greece, and the results of this attention had both positive and negative results. That very logical follows the paradigm of good and bad publicity. Evidently, the public attention that Mykonos acquired once again generated a positive response, which renders it more popular than ever.

It is worth stressing at this point that the popularity that Mykonos acquired has, in turn, both positive and negative effects. More specifically, it created a wide and diverse clientele, and that caused the absolute need for Mykonos to become the ultimate multiple-speed island.

Mykonos’ clientele


Being a multiple-speed island means that all kinds of services should be available to, and suitable for a wide range of different people. More to the point, every year Mykonos hosts at the same time the international jet set, a great deal of celebrities, and ordinary people. The antithesis is quite immense, but after all Mykonos has a history, it proudly reserves its unique character and breath-taking natural beauty, and has the best quality services in terms of elegance and luxury. Thus, the answer is no. Mykonos is not expensive; it constitutes an entire other universe, which for the most of us will remain unthinkable, as it is a high-end destination suitable for the elites. That does not mean though that the rest of us cannot enjoy the Mykonian atmosphere. The cosmopolitan island has alternatives and best quality solutions for each and every one of us. In conclusion,if your criteria are demanding and you cannot rest until you find the very best for you and your loved ones, then Mykonos is the place to be.


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